Hire a Smart LED TV

What is a Smart TV?

A Smart LED TV looks just like a regular television, so what sets it apart? Think of all the things that you do on a daily basis using your Smartphone or laptop, such as access streaming services, check your social media feed and use the internet. With a Smart TV, you’ll be able to do this and more on the big screen, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports. Your Smart TV is essentially an LED TV with internet connection and the ability to connect with various portable devices.

What sizes of Smart TV are available to hire?

You have the choice of a wide range of screen sizes to select from. Remember that screen sizes on LED Smart TVs are measured from corner to corner. Typically sizes start at 24” and go up to 85”. TV technology continues to evolve rapidly. Screen sizes are limited by what in the end becomes an impractical size and much of the current innovation is around image sharpness and resolution.

Samsung are thought by many to be one of the market leaders when it comes to Smart LED TVs and if you are renting one, expect your hire company to have these available.

Screen resolution – tell me more

Screen resolution is all about the number of pixels. Generally speaking, resolution is a measurement of how many pixels are packed into a given display area. Resolution is typically denoted in a width x height format.

  • Full HD = 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels
  • 4K = 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels
  • 8K = 7680 pixels x 4320 pixels
  • 8K offers four times as many pixels than 4K.

Pixels are the building blocks of digital images; they combine to form images like bricks combine to form a wall. The more pixels you have in a given space, the sharper and crisper the images become.

Smart LED TV hire

Although the cost of TV technology has been falling over time, companies are unsure about outright purchase of an asset that might only be used infrequently during the year. That is why Smart LED TVs are a very popular hire item for rental companies like Tek Hire.
Smart LED TV rental also comes with convenience. Paul Spittle whose business Quality Rental covers Scotland and Northern England from their centrally located depot. “Customers like that our pre-sales consultants help them decide the ideal piece of kit for their needs” says Spittle. “Our reliable shipping service means hired items are delivered in sturdy flight cases. TVs are often supplied with Unicol stands in an exhibition environment. We offer a dry or wet hire service. Our technicians will take care of the installation, testing and packing up afterwards. When a customer is organising an event, this service means they have one less thing to have to worry about.”

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