Preparing for Storage

Effective Preparation For Item Storage

Storage is an important part of keeping items safe and secure. Whether you’re storing away seasonal clothing, moving house, or simply needing more space for a growing collection of items, careful preparation can help make sure your possessions survive the storage process. Below are some top tips for effective item storage. If you’re looking for a reliable self-storage facility, consider the Blue Storage Box.

Cleaning Items Before Storing

Before storing any items, it’s essential that they are cleaned and properly maintained. Dust can corrode the surface of materials over time, making them more prone to damage during storage. Wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth is usually enough, but if your items require more intensive cleaning – such as furniture or metal objects – then special products may be necessary.

Get Rid Of Restricted Items

Before putting items into storage, it’s important to check what is and isn’t allowed. Many storage facilities will disallow flammable or hazardous materials, so if you have any of these items then they should be properly disposed of before attempting to store them. It’s also worth checking with your facility for any specific rules and regulations that must

Group And Label

When packing items for storage, it’s important to group them in a sensible way. This will make it much easier to find items when needed and reduce the risk of any damage being done while rummaging around for something. Labeling boxes can also help you keep track of what each box contains – this is especially useful for larger items.

Use The Right Boxes

Storing items in the correct type of box can make a big difference in how well they survive storage. Cardboard boxes should be used for lighter materials like clothing, while plastic tubs and bins are better suited for heavier objects such as furniture. It’s also worth using new boxes whenever possible, as this reduces the risk of any pests or fungi being brought into the storage.

Cover Fragile Items

Fragile items like electronics and glassware should be cushioned with newspaper or bubble wrap before they are put into boxes. This can help to protect them from any knocks and bumps while in storage, as well as reduce the amount of dust settling on their surfaces.

Stack Boxes Carefully

When packing your storage unit, it’s important that heavier boxes are placed below lighter ones. This helps to ensure that the boxes are stable and won’t topple over, making it much less likely for your items to be damaged by falling debris.

Use Packing Materials Whenever Necessary

Using packing materials like foam wrap or bubble wrap can help protect your items from knocks and scrapes while in storage. This is especially important for items that have sharp edges or are prone to cracking.

Consider Climate Control For Sensitive Items

Certain items need to be kept in a stable climate while being stored, such as wood furniture and photographs. If you’re storing any sensitive materials then it’s worth inquiring about climate-controlled units as these can help to reduce the risk of damage.

Inspect Your Storage Unit Regularly

Periodically inspecting your storage unit for signs of damage can help you quickly identify any problems before they become serious. This could include checking for pests, inspecting furniture for scratches, and ensuring that all boxes are securely stored away.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your items remain safe and secure while in storage.


By careful preparation and following the tips listed above, you can ensure that your items remain safe and secure while in storage. Cleaning items before storing, getting rid of restricted items, grouping and labeling boxes, using the right boxes for the item type, cushioning fragile materials with packing materials, and considering climate-controlled units for sensitive materials can all help to prevent damage or loss of stored items. Regular inspections of the storage unit can also help to spot any issues quickly before they become serious.

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